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Center for first time youth offenders and formerly incarcerated persons

"We assist and walk along side of those who face some of the most difficult challenges." – Juanita Lee, CEO


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The services of Oasis Center are now available to those pre-qualified members of the community who need and want these services, whether or not they have been involved within the criminal justice system. Oasis’ initial focus was to provide First Time Youth Offenders with highly qualified criminal legal assistance. Our premise was to give these youth a "second chance" to become productive citizens, without the burden of a criminal conviction on their records. By 2003, we found that there was an increase in the number of youth demonstrating criminal behavior who also had a parent or parents who were already involved within the criminal justice system.

It has been Oasis’ goal from our first day of ministry to assist and walk along side of those who face some of the most difficult challenges in transitioning back into our communities.

Our Mission
To provide life changing programs and services to first time youth offenders and formerly incarcerated persons.

Our Vision
To create a spiritual and social "model program" that can be replicated and scaled.

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  • "Oasis Center has been successful in providing a second chance to hundreds of youth."

    Juanita Lee, Chief Executive Office
  • "I understand the challenges facing formerly incarcerated persons."

    Michael Lee, Chief Operating Officer


The programs of Oasis Center are available to all qualified low/moderate income members of our community who express the desire for change and who commit to attending our life skills and cognitive classes. Our TYRO Champion Program and our faith based Reentry Discipleship Program average two hours per week for 12 weeks. Our Community Work Camp is an eight day, eight hours a day job readiness, skill certification, and career placement program. Oasis also provides a first time youth offender program, and criminal legal assistance for youth and adult program participants.

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  • "I’ve got my life together and I don’t smoke anymore. I believe in Christ and I have a much better life."

    Alicia W.
  • "I’ve accomplished a lot with Oasis. I was lost and did not know what I could do in life."

    Princess A.
  • "I have experienced honest living due to being a weekly participant in the Oasis program."

    Jay M.
  • " would be back on the streets doing old habits if it were not for the Oasis program. I’ve learned a lot about myself."

    Margaret C.


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A team of highly trained individuals changing the way you experience the life.

Juanita Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Dallas, Texas

Michael Lee

Chief Operating Officer

Dallas, Texas

Vicki Hallman-Bowman

Program Manager

Dallas, Texas

Jeffery Bowman

Case Manager

Dallas, Texas

Ruth L. Burton

Executive Assistant

Dallas, Texas

Homer Canales

Case Manager

Dallas, Texas

Alberto Mendez

Case Manager

Dallas, Texas

Edward Pratt

Case Manager

Dallas, Texas

Kiwania Strahan

Case Manager

Dallas, Texas

Keonis Wiley

Intake Specialist

Dallas, Texas

Board Members

Overseeing the Oasis Center's life-changing program and services.

Susan Andrews

Board Secretary

Dallas, Texas

Jarie Bradley

Board Director

Dallas, Texas


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